Asian Celebrations Bridal Show in Leicester Morningside Arena, 01 March 2020

Zaktualizowano: 30 wrz 2020

Bold colours, robust jewellery, rich outfit - that is something unusual for me (if you look at my photos), but because of my love for Bollywood movies and Indian dances is by all means close to my heart, beacuse I see beauty in diversity! Actually a couple of years ago I used to spend my free time practising Indian dances (classical Bharatanatyam and Kathak and Bollywood - I even worked as a dance instructor) along with watching Bollywood movies, and I really loved them. I just want to say last Sunday I felt as I found myself in one of these movies, taking portraits of one of its beautiful actresses, in cooperation with amazing, talented people :) just take a look at the photos below, taken during Asian Celebrations Bridal Show in Morningside Arena in Leicester.





Model: Ibtissam

Photographer: me :)

It was so nice to be invited to participate in this colourful event by Ibtissam, one of my muses, whom I discovered not even a year ago! It was a pleasure to see how fabulously she bloomed in front of the camera. I cross my fingers for your future luck!

Photo shoots with Ibtissam last summer:

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