August wedding and maternity photo shoot in Abbey Park in Leicester with Meha&Alfie

It's so cold today and it's been raining all day long. That's why I'm sharing with you memories of this warm day in the latter part of the past summer spent with Meha and Alfie. The young couple got married on the last day of August and it was a beautiful day, interrupted only for a while with refreshing rain, which stopped perfectly just before our photo shoot in Abbey Park in Leicester. You can see images from their wedding ceremony and reception here:; now it is high time to show you results of the photo session, which combined wedding and maternity portraits! Meha was flowering and you could see in Alfie's eyes how much he adored her. They both were so much in love :) just look and see!

Bonus - my beautiful Bride's parents around the sunset. I went our the wedding venue to see if anything interesting is going on outside and noticed this amazing light. I returned quickly inside to ask Meha's parents for a short portrait shooting! After a while Meha and Alfie joined us and look how light changed just in a couple of minutes.

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