Intimate August wedding photo shoot (Dorota&Michał)

Aktualizacja: 5 lis 2020

I could not be at Dorota and Michał's ceremony, because the very same day I shot another wedding (see it here: We met two months later to take some pictures in the nature reserve located close to the place I used to live back in Poland. Together we roamed by the river, strolled through the woods, meadows and fields of this picturesque area. Finally we visited a little village with its charming chapel and church. It was late August and looking at the photographs you can feel a kind of sentiment and longing, which this season of the year always brings me.

Kind words from Dorota and Michal:

What first strikes the eye when looking at Aleksandra's photos is her ability to capture the right moment.

Thanks to this ability, every single photo she takes carries a meaning. You never get bored with her photography.

Aleksandra is a discreet, considerate and pleasant person and you can feel relaxed in front of her camera. You can see that she truly loves what she does, because photography is her passion.

I strongly reccommend her as wedding or portrait photographer.

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