"Flowering Leicester" - idea and first photo shoot

After wonderful portrait workshop with amazing photographer Anita Oblicka (https://anitasuchocka.com/) I participated in a couple of weeks ago in my home country, a great deal of ideas sprung out in my head. Ideas for photo shoots, for project of my own. One of them, which was the closest to my heart, I called "Flowering Leicester". My idea was to invite women and girls of Leicester, who love flowers, and to shoot them among the flowering plants to show the beauty of the city we live in.

I started my project at the very beginning of March, meeting my first model, Klaudia, in Abbey Park. I captured her among the flowering prunes for about 20 minutes before we were caught in a heil and had to stop and run back home. It was a promising beginning and I planned the following photo sessions until the Coronavirus pandemic started. It was a hard decision for me, but I cancelled all the shooting I planned even before UK lockdown, because the safety of mine, my family and my models is a priority for me. So many beautiful flowers are in bloom this very moment and so many will wither before we are able to meet and shoot again.

But if you read this and feel that "Flowering Leicester" could be something for you, please just let me know! I will return to this project after the world gets back to normal again for sure. We will meet and shoot beautiful moments in the flowering Leicester once more.

Today I'm sharing with you results from the first shoot of this project of mine, from the beginning of March in Abbey Park.

Model: Klaudia Lukasinska (her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/klavvvdia95/)

Photographer: timrillphotography (my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timrillphotography/)

Flowers: prunes

You can see more of beautiful Klaudia here:


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