How to get beautiful, unique photos from your wedding? tips for Brides to be #1

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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. But believe me, it will pass in a blink of an eye!

What will remain for a life time is the photographs – that is why you wish them to be as beautiful as possible, showing comprehensively the whole day, its touching moments, you and the love of your life together with people closest to your heart.

I always explain to my Couples that the final effect of the wedding photos is the result of our cooperation – mine and yours! I have collected a couple of tips and I would like to share them today with you. They will make it easier to prepare for your wedding day so it is captured perfectly.


Using windows and mirrors adds something extra to wedding preparations photos. If you choose a room with big windows or a table close to one of the windows for getting ready, you can be sure that your photos will be bright and beautiful. You can also prepare your favourite mirror - be it large or small - and we can play with reflections as well.


First look is a very special and emotional moment of the whole wedding day. The Bride and the Groom see each other dressed for the ceremony for the first time. Some of them smile and laugh, some of them cry; all of them are very touched.

It's a beautiful idea to plan this moment in your schedule as memories on the photos will be remarkable, especially if other members of your family are engaged!


I know you feel very excited before the ceremony. However, if you try to remember to move extremly slowly while walking down the aisle (that’s a tip for your Dad as well :)) and exchanging the rings (for the Groom this time :)), it would be great, as this would give me enough time to take proper pictures of these crucial moments!


I recommend asking a family member or the Bride’s maid/Groom’s bestman to prepare a list of all the guests you would like to have portraits with. This list is so helpful you wouldn’t believe! It saves a lot of nerves and time and helps avoid confusion (and that’s what you would like to avoid on your wedding day J). With such a list I can organise a nice and smooth photo shoot with people closest to your heart, easily find all the members of your family and let them quickly return to the venue to have a delicious wedding breakfast! Short and smooth portrait photo shoot will make everybody happy :)


During most of your wedding day I remain almost unnoticed.

I don’t interfere much in what is happening; instead I watch and capture events as they go on. But it is a little bit different when we go out for a wedding photo shoot. I usually invite you for a little walk so you can breathe and calm down, and spend a while just with your beloved one. Don’t be afraid if you didn’t have a photo shoot before. The fact that you are not used to the camera in front of you makes you act more natural, and that’s what the photography should be!

Just think of a few things you both like doing together, of any games you like playing or if you have any props you would like to bring, that would be wonderful!

Remember that the prettiest light for shooting portraits is around sunrise or sunset – the hour will be different depending on the season of the year. It’s a good idea to plan a photo shoot during your wedding day in the way, which will allow you to sneak out even for 20 or 30 minutes from the reception around the sunset. If you plan your wedding photo shoot on a different day, maybe sunrise would suit you?


Just relax, forget about being photographed and have fun – it’s your day!

I will keep walking here and there with my cameras, capturing the most important events like speeches, first dance and cutting the cake along with other moments, unnoticed on the day, but also touching, that you might not be aware of – that will make you smile or shed a tear for sure when you notice them looking at your photos :)

I cross my fingers for your preparations and wish you all the best :)

Your wedding photographer - Aleks :)

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