My journey begins :) wedding in Wroclaw - Karolina&Wojtek

Two years ago  I was studying photography at the wonderful Creating Arts Centre in my home city Wroclaw (Poland). My close friends, Karolina and Wojtek, were planning to get married and asked me if I could photograph their wedding day. I thought "why not?" and agreed. Their wedding ceremony and reception was such a great experience for me - to see if I manage to capture it well enough, if they like it, if I like it...and I loved it :) what is as important as this fact, they loved it too :) 

Some time after they got married I visited them. When I saw my pictures hanging on the wall at their home, I understood that my photography could mean a lot to someone and bring them joy. This was the moment I realised I imagined wedding photography as my job and would love to follow that path.

Here I present Karolina and Wojtek's wedding day in Wroclaw.