Mini portrait photo shoot in Watermead Park, Leicester, with a Moroccan beauty

Zaktualizowano: 26 sty 2020

Watermead Park is another fabulous location to shoot in Leicester, especially if you are as fond of natural surroundings as me. Ibtissan, a true Moroccan beauty, and I met a few weeks ago for a mini portrait photo shoot. We did not have much time, but I look forward to our next meeting soon (please see the link: What I really love about living abroad is the wonderful opportunity to meet people from different countries, from nearly all over the world, to talk to them, hear their stories and, needless to say, photograph them.

Kind words from Ibtissam:

Hi, I have been on a few photoshoots with Ola (Aleks), she is a great photographer and great human being, very friendly and I always feel calm and comfortable when im with her.

Her experience is great and her picture quality and style of taking pictures is amazing.

She knows how to take the best pictures and she creates that situation to get the best out of the pictures.

I always look forward to having a photo shoot with Ola and I would always recommend to anyone that would be interested in taking pictures.

Thank you Ola,


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