Patrycja&Robert-wedding at the foot of the Ślęża Mountain on Midsummer's Day!

Have you seen portrait photo shoot of the redhead sisters ( that I posted before? Today I would like to share with you photographs from one of the sisters, Patrycja, beautiful intimate wedding!

I was lucky to document her and her beloved Robert big day, which happened exactly on Midsummer's Day

at the foot of the Ślęża Mountain (Lower Silesia, Poland). This mountain and its surroundings have a long history reaching to pagan origins, so this date seemed even more magical, when you think about it.

I travelled a lot that day. We begun very early in the morning at Paula, Patrycja's sister, home, where the bride was getting ready. Paula was her sister's make-up artist and she did so well. Not only did she offer the bride a mental support, but also helped her with preparations. That's a kind of sister I wish everybody has!

In the early afternoon we met again in another place, where we met Patrycja's soon-to-be-husband, Robert. Their first look was very emotional. I simply loved how natural they were and how they showed their feelings. After a short, intimate wedding ceremony the reception begun in a cosy rustic venue at the borders of the Ślęża Mountain nature reserve. Please pay attention to the motive of lighthouse used during the reception. Patrycja and Robert love Polish seaside and visited all lighthouses along it. That is the reason of marine accents showing here and there in the wedding hall. Even their cake was shaped like a lighthouse!

As the sun was a little bit lower and not so sharp, we escaped for a quick wedding photo shoot. The surroundings were breathtaking. We visited a beautiful orchard, nearby meadows and an old quarry. I'm grateful for being present at this fabulous wedding in the amazing place with these wonderful people.