Portrait photo shoot at sunset in Oadby with a Muslim girl

Zaktualizowano: 24 sie 2020

Światło ponownie pięknie zagrało w znanym Wam już parku Brocks Hill, tym razem podczas sesji portretowej powstałej w ramach współpracy z Rasheedą, której pasją jest rękodzieło i która prowadzi własną działalność rękodzielniczą. Obejrzyjcie poniżej efekty naszej sesji, myślę, że Rasheeda przepięknie zachowała się przed obiektywem - a wierzcie mi lub nie, była to jej pierwsza sesja fotograficzna! Daltego nie martwcie się, jeśli nie mieliście wcześniej doświadczenia przed aparatem. Naprawdę nie potrzeba żadnych umiejętności :) jeśli marzycie o sesji portretowej, po prostu umówcie się na nią, a gwarantuję, że będziecie mile zaskoczeni!

The light in Brocks Hill Country Park, which you are already familiar with, was fairy-tale again. This time I met Rasheeda, talented young lady with a passion towards handicraft, who owns her own business. You can see the results of our cooperation below. I do think that Rasheeda did amazing in front of the camera - and believe it or not, it was her first experience with a photographer! That is why I always tell people not to worry if they never had a photo shoot before. You don't need to have any special skills :) if a portrait photo shoot is something you dream of, just go ahead and book a meeting with a photographer. I assure you that you will be pleased with the results!

Kind words on our cooperation from Rasheeda:

"This stunning picture of me was taken by @timrillphotography. Finding her was actually a bit of a eureka moment. There I was laying in my bed thinking of how to find a photographer for some pictures I wanted to take for @noorahgifts. I had always relied on referals for things like this. Suddenly a thought came to my mind. 'Why not check the hashtags on Instagram for photographers in your city?' I quickly grabbed my phone, typed in the relevant hashtag & tens of images came up. I scrolled through - looking for images which caught my eye. A few taps and swipes later: I messaged a handful of photographers. All except one were male. The first guy I contacted messaged back almost immediately. He was offering a doorstep package which I thought was absolutely brilliant and an innovative way for photographers to continue generating income even during #corona. The package included him coming to my house & taking pictures at my doorstep whilst maintaining social distancing. After a few exchanges with him I thought about how comfortable I would feel being photographed by a man. I decided to wait for the female photographer to message me back. A few hours later she messaged me. Aleks was polite & courteous. I informed her of what I wanted. We arranged to meet up a few days later. Our first meeting was to establish what location would be best for what I needed as well as a run through of how everything would work. It was my first time being photographed & I really wasn't sure what to expect. I was very pleased with how professional yet friendly Aleks was. I knew I had found a gem & I felt comfortable. She had her notepad ready to jot down everything I told her. For once, it was quite refreshing to be on the client end of a business meeting. The day came to be photographed & it went very well. "

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