Spring portrait photo shoots in Leicestershire and beyond - my special spring offer for you :)

I'm very fond of every season of the year and I don't think that there's a month that I don't like. Every season is different and gives us something to be delighted with. I am also sure that each month gives a photographer special opportunities to capture its uniqueness and that there is always time to create beautiful images. Believe me! Even in leafless, windy November :)

But I love spring so much! With its fresh light green foliage (especially beech new leaves, oh! how I adore them!) and fresh flowers literally everywhere. I just can't get enough of blossom and I carry my camera anywhere I go to capture all those flower beauties I see. In our little garden, full of surprises like gorgeous peony and bluebells that we didn't plant; they just appeared one day and keep delighting us all the time :) on a glade, where I walk my dog and where I watch trees and shrubs change from week to week. On my way to work. On our trips in beautiful Leicestershire area :)

All right! Let me get to the point - one of the things I love most about spring is creating beautiful portraits of you among the flowers. I really think that every girl and every woman deserves to have such portraits! And couples too! Such images look absolutely stunning and are as fresh and sweet as this lovely season we're enjoying now. Please have a look at the photos I have already created with amazing women like you and if you dream of having such portraits - I have a special offer for you. Please contact me for more details! I'm looking forward to creating some more floral images with you :)

Bonus! The surprise peony:

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