Autumn rustic destination mountain wedding

Zaktualizowano: 29 kwi 2019

Imagine a beautiful, young couple getting married amongst an outstandingly picturesque mountain surroundings, in the fabulous, historic St. Michael Archangel's Church, made of wood, listed on UNESCO list of World Heritage site. Imagine trees with leaves turning gold and red and warm sun with the slight chill of October wind, blowing from the colourful woods on gentle slopes near the cosy, rustic venue in the little village between the mountains. Imagine happy family and friends decorating the wedding hall on their own. And a truly wonderful wedding photo shoot we had in the morning after the party. Sylwia and Rafal showed me their favourite places on a meadow, where the cattle grazed and by the river, where they used to camp every summer. That was an epic weekend!

I love hiking the mountains and I try to spend as much of my time in the moutains as I can. My heart beats particulary strong for my beloved high PolishTatra Mountains, which I visited very often and hiked a lot a couple of years ago. When Sylwia and Rafał contacted me and asked me to photograph their wedding in the small village in the Pieniny Mountains - which are very close to the Tatra Mountains - I said: "yes, of course!" immediately. I looked so forward to it!

The bride's talented close friend Laura decorated the wedding hall. She appeared a true artistic soul, not only regarding to garlanding the room with ornaments she created by herself, but also to baking the most beautiful cookies, which were given to all guests and which you can see in the pictures below.

You can find her on Facebook here:

The wedding ceremony took place in fabulous, historic St. Michael Archangel's Church in Dębno, a little village in the middle of the mountains. The church, all made of wood, was built in XV century and is on UNESCO list of World Heritage sites since 2003 year. Please pay attention to beautiful icons at the altar as you look at the photographies below.