Wedding inspirations - woodland autumn wedding at Rothley Court Hotel in Rothley

Zaktualizowano: 26 sty 2020

I came across this beautiful, historic location (formerly known as Rothley Temple) over a year ago accidently, while discovering Leicester surroundings (actually I even wrote a post about it last February - I adored the place since then, visiting it from time to time, so I was very happy, when one of my 2019 Brides said that she and her fiance chose Rothley Court Hotel for their wedding venue.

I was not disappointed, as this fabulous XXVIth Century Manor House provided tremendous conditions for photography. I particualry loved the look of the attached Chapel of the Knights Templar with its fabulous stained-glass windows and the floral arrangements, prepared by my talented Bride herself (please see below especially moss runner prepared by her!) and wonderful Hanna of Bradgate Flowers.

The surroundings of Rothley Court are beautiful, with its trim lawns, ancient wellingtonia and oak trees, shrub borders and a bubbling brook (Rothley Brook). When it was dark outside, the inside provided a really pretty, gentle, warm light, which delighted me.

Please see below some photos of this gorgeous location and decorations at the woodland wedding. I'm showing some more of the wedding in this post: