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Hello, welcome and help yoursefl with a little bit of nature!

My name is Ola. I'm a Polish photographer, currently based in UK.

I would love to bring natural world inside your home to help you feel more relaxed and at peace anytime you can't find yourself in real nature.

Overloaded with way too much stimuli every day, you may feel fatigued, worried, tired and powerless. It is nature, where you recover and that's a fact scientifically proved (I learnt about it while studying landscape architecture at the University of Copenhagen).
Looking at green leaves and colourful flowers, wandering in the woods, hiking mountains or simply sitting with a cup of tea or coffee in your garden can make you feel so much better and refreshed!

I was born and spent most of my life in a big city of Wroclaw - yet it was always nature my heart longed for. I used to escape to the woods, mountains, seaside and rivers as often as I could. That is where my photography started. At difficult times of my life being in nature and capturing it helped me reduce my anxiety and feel that what I do makes perfect sense.
A couple of years ago I moved to the Polish countryside, where I live at the borders of the nature reserve. Where silent beech woodland, bubbling streams, boundless fields and tiny, cosy villages are my everydayness. This is where my home is. At the moment what inspires me is English countryside and natural world. I moved to UK in September 2018 to be with my better half :)

My photos had been featured in Photo Vogue (please see my Vogue Collection).

Capturing nature keeps me creative and brings me peace of mind and happiness, which I'd love to share with you as well :)

Please visit my Etsy gallery, where you can find more photographs to calm you and feel as if you were in nature:

Please find examples of my works below :)


"Bluebell flare"

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"The song in my heart"

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"Think pink"

Think pink.jpg


"Sound of Silence II"

Sound of Silence II.jpg

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"Sycamores and lichens"

Sycamores and Lichens.jpg

"Waterfall at the foot of Snowdon"

Waterfall at the foot of Snowdon.jpg